A comparison of catherine and cathy in wuthering heights a novel by emily bronte

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A comparison of catherine and cathy in wuthering heights a novel by emily bronte

She published only one novel, Wuthering Heightsa story of doomed love and revenge. But that single work has its place among the masterpieces of English literature. After its release, a lot of reviewers were shocked, mystified and puzzled, though some also expressed admiration for the strange power of the novel.

Therefore I am going to describe the most important diversities in detail and give possible reasons for the changes. She was strict and conventional and was not able to care about the emotional needs of small children.

A comparison of catherine and cathy in wuthering heights a novel by emily bronte

Nevertheless, she did her best but she was never a mother to the young family. Fortunately, the two eldest children Maria and Elizabeth did a great deal to generate an atmosphere of love and security; all the children had a very close relationship and provided all the qualities they missed in their father and in their aunt for themselves.

Especially Emily developed an intense love for the moorland environment in which she grew up and where she found inspiration for her poems.

Only one year later, her oldest sisters Maria and Elizabeth, who also attended the school, died on tuberculosis and Emily and her sister were send home.

Back in Haworth, Emily, her brother and her sisters were left largely to themselves and they created their own world of fantasy which they wrote down in little books — it was the beginning of their writing-career.

Emily was also talented in playing the piano.

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During that time Emily was educated at home by her father. InEmily went to Roe Head School, too but became so ill from homesickness that she was brought home after only three months.

There she was perfectly well again and very happy. At the same time her brother Branwell was unhappy, too. He failed an interview at the Royal Academic School, where he had hoped to study painting and therefore started to drink, whenever he had money.

Nevertheless, Branwell died in InCharlotte persuaded Emily to attend a school in Brussels. Emily did well; her teachers were especially impressed with her clear, smooth writing style, but made no friends, as was typical for her. She went back home as soon as she possibly could. She persuaded her to join her and Anne in the publication of a selection of their poems.

The three sisters changed their names, but they kept their initials. In the following years Charlotte and Anne published some other novels, too.Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte Book vs. Movie Wuthering Heights written by Emily Bronte is a 19th century gothic novel.

The book is the story of love and twisted relationships with a .

A comparison of catherine and cathy in wuthering heights a novel by emily bronte

The above image of Emily Brontë – endlessly reproduced – is less a portrait, more an icon. Intense, fierce, inward, solitary, elusive and unknowable: the young author of Wuthering Heights in.

I am a "Wuthering Heights" nut and have seen most of the film adaptations, some several times. For me, this is one of the best. At first, I thought Ralph Feinnes was far too pretty to play Heathcliff, but he is an extraordinary actor and quickly slouched into Heathcliff's angry animalism.

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Cathy Earnshaw is a fictional character and the female protagonist of the novel Wuthering Heights written by Emily Brontë. At a prearranged meeting between Catherine and Linton, Heathcliff lures Nelly and Catherine back to Wuthering Heights, where he imprisons them and forces Catherine to marry Linton.

Soon after, Edgar dies and so does the sickly, young Linton.

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