A look at the young offenders cases

Effects Psychological effects Child sexual abuse can result in both short-term and long-term harm, including psychopathology in later life.

A look at the young offenders cases

Youth aged 14 to 17 may be sentenced as adults under certain conditions, as described later on in the Act. The Criminal Codesection 13, states "No person shall be convicted of an offence in respect of an act or omission on their part while that person was under the age of twelve years.

Declaration of principles[ edit ] The Act includes four general principles found in section 3 1. More specifically, subsection a sets the basic principle that the YCJA attempts to address underlying behaviour, such as pre-existing conditions or circumstances that would lead to an offending behaviour.

The goal is to first rehabilitate and then reintegrate assisting a young offender to adjust back into their community.

Therefore, "accountability is to occur through the imposition of meaningful consequences and measures that will promote the rehabilitation and reintegration of youth into society".

Tailored sentencing

Some of these rights include but are not limited to: The Act provides a much bigger role for the parents and the community. It highlights four in particular.

They should be treated with courtesy, compassion and respect for their dignity and privacy and should suffer the minimum degree of inconvenience as a result of their involvement with the YCJS - youth criminal justice system.

They should be provided with information about the proceedings and given opportunity to participate and be heard. The parents should be informed of their child's proceedings, and are encouraged to support them in addressing their offending behaviour.

Police are the first officials to be encountered within the system and possess the power to use discretion in deciding whether to issue a warning, a police caution, or a charge. If the youth agrees, the police can also refer the youth to a program under section 7 of the Act.

If the police decide to refer the case to the courts, the Crown can choose to issue a Crown caution. Principles[ edit ] Section 4 of the Act sets out principles that govern the establishment of policies about extrajudicial measures: They are often most appropriate to address youth crime; [12] They allow for effective intervention focused on correcting offending behaviour; [12] They are presumed to be adequate for young persons charged with a non-violent offence and are not guilty of any prior offence [12] and They should be used if they are sufficient to hold a young offender accountable and may be used if a young person has previously been dealt with by extrajudicial measures.

Choosing adult court

Provide an effective and timely response to offending behaviour outside of judicial measures. Warnings are informal warnings issued by police officers. They are usually used for minor crimes. In some jurisdictions, it is expected that police cautions will be in the form of a letter from the police to the young person and the parents, or they may involve a process in which the young person and the parents are requested to appear at a police station to talk to a senior police officer.

In one province where they are currently being used, the caution is in the form of a letter to the young person and the parents. Conditions that dictate this are the seriousness of the offence, the nature and number of previous offences committed by the young person or any other aggravating circumstances.

However, failure to comply or unsatisfactory performance may result in a charge or return to court.

A look at the young offenders cases

Restriction on using extrajudicial sanctions[ edit ] Extrajudicial sanctions can only be used if: Other extrajudicial measures are not suitable: The young person denies being involved in the offence; [24] [25] The young person wants a trial in court; [25] [26] or The young person fails to be allowed into the program [25] [27] Youth justice committees[ edit ] Section 18 1 [28] of the Youth Justice Committees YJCs help in the administering of the Act by devolving power to the community.

Each committee is a group of trained volunteers from the local community. Their main activities include the following: Reporting to the federal and provincial governments on whether protective measures of the act are followed c.

Advising the federal and provincial governments on policies and procedures related to the youth criminal justice system d. Informing the public in respect of the YCJA and the youth criminal justice system; e.

Setting up conferences f. Any other task assigned by The Attorney General of Canada or a provincial minister Operating under the paradigm of restorative justice, [29] YJCs aim to "strike the right balance between accountability and community intervention" [30] YJCs are used extensively in Manitoba, Alberta and New Brunswick.

A committee's activity largely depends on volunteer efforts from its community. This means that young persons who are arrested or detained for any reason must be told of their right to obtain a lawyer before any lawful procedures are conducted.

If the youth does not have a lawyer present at the first court date, the judge must inform the youth of their right of counsel. Before accepting a plea, the court must Ensure that the young person understands the charge Explain the plea options Explain the process of applying a youth sentence The young person has right to counsel upon arrest or detention, before a voluntary statement, during consideration of extrajudicial sanctions, and at a hearing.

Judicare and Staff delivery model text to display.County takes closer look at juvenile offenders’ immaturity King County has implemented a wide range of diversion and community-based programs to hold young offenders accountable outside the.

Fact Sheet: What You Need to Know About Sex Offenders By Center for Sex Offender Management: Published: 07/27/ This fact sheet highlights key issues related to sex offenses and the management of sex offenders who are under the control of the justice system.

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Beasteality Offenders

Nationwide, at least 1, people serve life without parole for crimes they committed as children. Sentenced young: The story of life without parole for juvenile offenders | Al Jazeera America Dismiss.

Kids and crime: King County takes a closer look at juvenile offenders’ immaturity Originally published April 1, at am Updated April 1, at am community-based programs to hold young offenders accountable outside the court system.

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