Being stubborn is my weakness

This is a classic trick job interview question.

Being stubborn is my weakness

She has an opinion on how everyone else should live and manage their money, Her stubbornness and arrogance landed her in the hospital several times. Even understanding that change is scary, I believe these women truly border on mentally incompetent. They are not going to change, so my question is, how we interact with them?

Being stubborn is my weakness

We really try and limit our contact with them already. She would have her own way and not have it any other way. But her stubbornness got her into trouble and some relationships ended because of it. The chief issue in this case is motivation. People like this will go to their graves and some of the ones I know have literally done this in denial of any problems or issues.

This force runs strong in my family.

What Are Your Personal Strengths and Weaknesses?

The correct answer is the social answer: Bob 28 Dec at I found myself screaming at my MIL because of her personal comments, demands and complaints. This after having a lovely Christmas dinner in our home and giving her a gift of money she worships moneyand her grandson giving her a gift as well.

She has no leash on her tongue. Two years ago after hip surgery, rehab and a trial of her previous independent living situation, she ended up in the hospital with placement necessary.

You asked that I examine my reasons for trying to fix her, I think I try because I came from a large ethnic family and we were taught to respect our elders.

The role of the female caregiver, My husband is an only child, left alone with her when he was 12 when his father died young of a heart attack. Poor man, we can see why. My husband has as little to do with her as possible. The man is in his 60s and the way he deals with her is not to talk to her unless necessary and tells me to do the same.

Ok, in writing this and I edited out a lot! I see a pattern. They stay away and she complains no one visits or calls.STUBBORNNESS is one of seven basic character flaws or “dark” personality traits.

We all have the potential for stubborn tendencies, but in people with a strong fear of change, Stubbornness can become a dominant pattern. Being stubborn has actually helped to protect me since I’m a lady living alone with no family. I hate change being forced upon me if I’m not ready for it and if it’s unexpected.

You know my stubbornness was my biggest weakness in my relationship, you have to give to get. You only get what you give out of something.

You only get what you give out of something. Your partner will expect you to be in love with them but you say you. Sep 12,  · IMO, an answer like this is the best. They want an honest answer, but they dont really want to hear your true weakness. Saying something like "Im a chronic procrastinator and Ive been known to be lazy" may be your true weaknesses, but it's obviously not something you want to say.

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Being stubborn -> being persistent; Being cautious -> being prudent; Being sensitive -> being intuitive; Think of your weaknesses and how you could potentially re-frame them as strengths. Examples of strengths that can be seen as weaknesses. In the same way that weaknesses can be strengths, so can strengths be perceived as weaknesses.

ISTJ Weaknesses Stubborn – The facts are the facts, and ISTJs tend to resist any new idea that isn’t supported by them. This factual decision-making process also makes it difficult for people with the ISTJ personality type to accept that they were wrong about something .

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