English belonging essay

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English belonging essay

Farhad is of Persian descent and struggles to belong in the city of Los Angeles as he cannot speak proper English.


Plan the jihad in your own time. What do you English belonging essay Like Feliks, Farhad also has a strong connection, with his daughter, Dori. As individuals to be accepted at school, our workplace or even at home is important as we all want to belong somewhere.

However there are many barriers to belonging. He does not know who they are which creates a mysterious almost horrifying effect as he is alienated from everything that has to do with his past. Cameron also struggles with accepting his cultural heritage and who he is as he wants to fit into the society around him.

In this scene, a side of Cameron is shown that is aggressive, vulgar and crude, quite different to his normal calm, intelligent, Buddhist self. This encounter has left Cameron traumatized and angry which allows him to act like stereotypically black thug. This behaviour alienates Cameron as it has led him to have lost sight of his cultural heritage.

This being said is a positive aspect of belonging. From what I have discussed so far it is clear that feeling and being accepted in society and being true to our own self-identity contributes to being able to belong. But what if eternal forces such as other individuals or places are responsible for the alienation and isolation of others?

At the end of the movie Jean has an accident and falls down the stairs.

English belonging essay

Ironically it is her Hispanic housemaid, Maria who is the only one there for her. Jean re-evaluates herself as a person and how she treats other people. She also realises that her maid is the only true friend in her life. Do you want to hear something funny Maria? The hostel represents a barrier to connecting with the outside world.

This creates a negative sense of belonging as the migrants, just like the Hispanic locksmith cannot belong to society due to the influence of external barriers not allowing them to belong. After considering the many influences that can cause a sense of positive and negative concepts of belonging, it is clear that not only can external barriers cause us not to belong but our cultural heritage and self-identity can also play a major part in whether or not.

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