Essays in philosophical theology

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Essays in philosophical theology

Christian apologists have long found themselves facing charges that the doctrine of the Trinity is not taught either explicitly or implicitly in Scripture and that, at any rate, it is incoherent. Rea, brings together some important recent work in philosophical theology on the doctrine of the Trinity.

The primary concern for most of the contributors in this volume is the issue of coherence, and consequently the majority of them either defend or critique various attempts to model the Trinity in a logically consistent and orthodox way.

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The result is an impressive collection of papers on one of the most difficult theological questions, and an important contribution to analytic theology. In the introduction, McCall and Rea introduce the coherence problem.

But if that is the case, the orthodox doctrine of the Trinity is not only false, it is necessarily false, i. But of course, many Christians are convinced on independent grounds that it is true, and so the issue becomes, how can these apparently inconsistent claims be reconciled?

PTET features several attempts to answer this question. PTET is divided into four sections, the first three of which are each devoted to a general strategy for modeling the Trinity: While social models risk flirting with tritheism, Latin models must tread carefully so as to successfully skirt modalism.

Meanwhile, Relative Trinitarian models seek a more metaphysically radical via media between the social and Latin approaches. Some of the essays directly interact with each other, while others stand on their own.

Although social models of the Trinity have much in common, such as the claim that each of the three divine persons is a distinct center of consciousness, these essays include discussion of several clearly different social models, showing the variety of options available even within the social point of view.

The final section of PTET includes two essays by Alan Padgett and Thomas McCall calling for more interaction between philosophers and theologians on matters such as the doctrine of the Trinity. A number of issues are raised in this section, but one which is particularly worthy of note, given the nature of most of the essays in the book, is the role of mystery in theology.

Even if the first project is feasible in statu viatoris, the same may not be true of the second. In the closing essay, Thomas McCall observes that the issues which take center-stage in this volume have pastoral relevance.

They believed it to be true, and they believed that it mattered, and I saw many of them hold fast to this conviction at times of greatest hope and joy as well as at times of deeper disappointment and sorrow. They were also at points aware of challenges to their faith; on occasion they too were made to wonder if this luminous, beautiful doctrine at the very core of the Christian faith was perhaps necessarily false.

Although they articulated them very differently, they believed that the issues addressed in this volume matter. They cared about the same issues that give rise to the problems addressed here.

They cared about the truthfulness and meaningfulness of the central claims of the Christian faith—the same claims addressed in these essays.

They knew that these things matter. And if analytic theologians remember this as well, their work may be of benefit to such people. A few evaluative comments are in order. Overall this book does a fairly good job representing the different analytic approaches to modeling the Trinity, as well as including some of the most insightful critiques of each.

Also, something that would greatly increase the utility of this book is an extensive bibliography, cataloguing the important literature on this subject beyond those essays that were printed or reprinted in this volume. Granted, a lot of additional literature is cited in the footnotes of the various papers, but a single bibliography at the back of the book, perhaps, would be far more expedient.

Essays in philosophical theology

Altogether, PTET is an excellent book of quality papers, grappling seriously with an important and difficult problem.

For apologists interested in defending the coherence of Trinitarianism with philosophical rigor, and for anyone else interested in philosophical theology or the intersection of analytic philosophy and Christian theology, this book is highly recommended.Description: In the foreword to this collection of essays, the noted British philosopher of religion John Hick aptly describes the style and tone to be found in Reflective Faith.

""Farrer asks the right questions and thereby puts philosophical theology on the right Austin Farrer.

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