My teachers secret life writing activity for kindergarten

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My teachers secret life writing activity for kindergarten

This was an amazing feat for a first year school with several novice teachers. There are two characteristics to a culture: Beliefs The vision, goals, and beliefs of a group Practices What people do and practice to achieve the belief When everyone carries out these practices and procedures, there is a Culture of Consistency.

Schools achieve the belief by what they do—the practices used by the teachers. Ineffective schools do not have a culture. They believe that programs, structural changes, money, philosophies, and ideologies will improve their school.

So they keep looking for the silver bullet that will transform their school, when the silver bullet is right under their nose. The Importance of Consistency Every successful group has a culture of consistency.

For example, look at any sports team. They all have a common goal: Every player has a role to play, a set of practices that contribute to the team.


The team is what matters. Regardless of how good the players are, winning a game is ultimately the result of how well they function as a team. It is the result of how well the players carry out the practices and procedures as a team.

Sports is not the only entity with teams. Successful businesses, the military, even Broadway shows—they all have a Culture of Consistency. So why not our schools? Simply put, a school must have a set of schoolwide procedures that are consistent from classroom to classroom.

This consistency makes life easier for the students and the teachers, as everyone knows what to do, what is happening, and what to expect. No one, especially the students, likes surprises. When buying a box of cereal or a tube of toothpaste, of the same brand, you expect to get the same thing every time.

You expect consistency, not a surprise. You expect the product to be dependable and predictable. I never know where he is, when he is going to call, or what he is going to do next.

Students like consistency as it creates a school climate where everyone knows what to expect and what to do. Consistency builds a work environment that is safe and inviting. Teachers like consistency as there is no more yelling and berating students to do something, because they all know what to do.

When there is culture of consistency, the students will work, produce, learn, and achieve. Click here and read how a school in Las Vegas has schoolwide consistency.

my teachers secret life writing activity for kindergarten

To read how a school district has been a model of consistency for more than 25 years, click here. The fact that this is a charter school has nothing to do with its success or failure. The charter simply let Graysen Walles start a school with minimum bureaucratic red tape and people hovering over him and his teachers telling them what to do and how to teach.

What they accomplished in one year can be done in any kind of a school, in any neighborhood, and in any country. A month before, he invited Harry Wong and Chelonnda Seroyer to come and train everyone, teachers and administrators, on how to implement a culture of consistency,—and this was done in one day!

The training was correlated to the three characteristics of effective teachers. Effective teachers know how to Structure and organize a classroom so the students can learn.

Create and deliver instruction so the students can achieve.

my teachers secret life writing activity for kindergarten

Believe all students are capable of success. But mostly, time was spent working on some schoolwide procedures all could agree with and stick to. To create consistency between classrooms, Harry and Chelonnda gave each teacher the responsibility of producing an agenda for each day, bellwork, and procedures.

Then Graysen worked with the staff to create schoolwide procedures to reflect the values and goals of the school.My Teacher's Secret Life Writing Paper This is a super fun activity to accompany the book "My Teacher's Secret Life" by Stephen Krensky!

Students can be creative in describing your "secret" life.

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I love leaving this activity for substitute teachers, then my students wonder. I started by reading the book My Teacher's Secret Life by Stephen Krensky. I am follower # I am definately going to have to get this book and modify the writing for kindergarten but I would love to see what they think my secret life is like they are always shocked to see me at the grocery store or anywhere outside my school.

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My teachers secret life writing exercises