Specifically scope of commerce education

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Specifically scope of commerce education

Conclusion The Scope of eCommerce Business Another significant contributor to the growth Specifically scope of commerce education eCommerce in India in the future is the e-tailing industry which largely deals in providing jewelry, apparel and kitchen appliances online.

The consumer base is expected to hit million inand this ensures that any e-commerce venture would soon be the best business in India, as far as profits and growth are concerned. Kunal Bahl, co-founder and CEO of SnapDeal believes that e-commerce sector has risen tremendously in India and that their success is proof of the rise in interest in online shopping.

Pwc India leader Sandeep Ladda believes that the e-commerce sector in India has seen unprecedented growth due to the advancements in mobile tech and that it will be the go to platform for e-commerce businesses in the future.

He also added that the brick and mortar businesses will join hands with the e-commerce websites feeding off each other in a win-win situation and with online wallet, cashback and coupon websites becoming more and more popular in India, hassle free functioning is assured which will bring more success to e-commerce in India.

Key factors for the growth of eCommerce Business Scope in India: Reduction in the cost of broadband internet facilities to ensure more people come online. Encouraging more domain registrations and letting e-commerce websites maintain them at cheaper rates at least till they make substantial profits.

Encouraging innovative schemes such as the COD Cash on Delivery in a country where credit card use is not prominent shows how we have eased into this particular niche.

A lot of the major e-commerce websites are based in India and the consistency, and reliability of these sites have shown the people how hassle-free, shopping and availing services are. If these e-commerce businesses can reach to these regions, their net value can only increase from the current values.

E-commerce can also spread to newer disciplines such as health services in these remote areas in India and help in offering health solutions to people who do not have the luxury of hospitals in their vicinity.

This will certainly help once the rural areas are provided with internet facilities and will be a potential business prospect shortly. How to Start Online Pharmacy Store in India Categorization of eCommerce Business E-commerce stands for purchasing, selling, and exchanging goods or services using internet-enabled devices, where transactions or sale performed electronically.

Nature and Scope of Commerce.

Electronic commerce emerged in the early s, and its use has increased at a rapid rate. For your information, the first secure retail transaction done over the internet was by NetMarket in the year As you know, everything from foods, clothing to entertainment and furniture can be brought online.

Specifically scope of commerce education

One company doing business with another company using internet-enabled devices, such as manufacturers are buying raw material from another raw material manufacturer, or a distributor is buying online from a manufacturer.

Such B2B eCommerce business is volumetric, and price varies based on the quantity of the order and is often negotiable. For example, you can take ref.

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Such transactions called consumer to consumer eCommerce. Where users sell products to other prospective customers. An example would be someone selling something that he or she no longer needs, and he listed the same on OLX, and another person who needs the same thing contacts the seller and get the transaction done.

Challenges of eCommerce Business in India Despite huge opportunity in eCommerce business, eCommerce business presents several particular challenges which are sometimes difficult to handle for any new startup.

However, without any doubt, India has been a profitable eCommerce market for the last seven years in a row. E-commerce is growing rapidly, but it is still facing several hurdles in operations in India.

Specifically scope of commerce education

The Internet is mandatory is the foundation of eCommerce. However, in India internet penetration is still low at However, due to the growth of the mobile internet, India is witnessing an exceptional increase in the year andallowing eCommerce businesses to reach to masses easily.

Due to increasing mobile internet users, it is predicted that eCommerce growth will touch new heights in India.

With 4G taking the Indian market by storm, the demand for smartphones is taking an upward swing. This cost is significant and can be calculated as cost per acquisition or cost per sale.

However, concept or niche eCommerce business can drive sales in very low CPA due to the fact that the customer is limited for such category of products.

Commerce is the study of business activities Commerce is a division of trade or production which deals with the exchange of goods and services from producer to final consumer The producer is a person who produced or made goods. In the scope of sectorial meetings, on 13 March , AmCham held a working-level discussion with AmCham Tourism and Hospitality sector representatives and European Business Association in Armenia. The Office of Homeless Youth leads the statewide efforts to reduce and prevent homelessness for youth and young adults.

Google Product Advertisement Margins: With the entry of several players already in Indian eCommerce market, the customer is pampered by offering big discounts, offers, deals and easy return options etc.

For example in the financial yearmajor eCommerce players had posted a revenue of Rs 1, But for Flipkart, making losses was a conscious decision. Delivering product to buyers is still a major hurdle for any new eCommerce startup.

Keeping in mind that eCommerce logistics is different from traditional deliveries of goods because there are no middle-men involved in the final delivery of the product to customers doorstep.

The critical element in an eCommerce logistics is the last mile delivery of the product to the customer. In those countries, tax slabs are uniform for all sectors whereas tax structure of India was variable from product to product and region to region. This factor was responsible for creating accounting problems for any eCommerce business because eCommerce is not limited to product categories or regions.

Each time you did, you had to deal with a variety of taxes and paper works.Scope after Bachelors of Commerce (pfmlures.com) Advertisements There is good scope for aspirants who have completed their bachelor’ degree in Commerce, both in terms of higher education as well as for immediate jobs.

Education in the concerned field is an excellent base for a variety of careers. The easy way to find jobs in the Manatee Chamber of Commerce. Scope in Commerce is tremendous if I would answer in one line.

Commerce is the back bone of any industry, therefore you need not at all worry about it.

Scope of e-Commerce, Scope of eCommerce Business in India

The only important thing for me as a Counsellor and your Guide is to see whether you are good for commerce field or no? This book has been a favourite with students and teachers alike since it was first published in It makes a comprehensive and critical exposition of all facets of teaching commerce.

Specifically Scope Of Commerce Education COMMERCE EDUCATION AND EMPLOYABILITY It is commonly agreed that education should aim at ‘holistic development’ of the individual.

Further, such development should be in harmony with the society and the nature. The Office of Homeless Youth leads the statewide efforts to reduce and prevent homelessness for youth and young adults.

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