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His father, lawyer Matthew Carew, moved the family to London about Nothing is known of Carew's education before he matriculated at Merton College, Oxfordin After being fired for making insulting remarks about Carleton and his wife, Carew returned to England for a futile search for employment. Possibly, he met there the Italian poet Giambattista Marino.

Thomas carew

Edit Carey, a son of Sir Matthew Carey, was educated at Oxfordentered the Middle Temple, and was one of the earliest and best of the courtly poets who wrote gracefully Thomas carew light themes of Court life and gallantry. Carew's poems have often much beauty and even tenderness.

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His chief work is Coelum Britannicum. He lived the easy and careless life of a courtier of the day, but is said to have died in a repentant frame. His poems, consisting chiefly of short lyrics, were collected and publihed after his death. One of the most beautiful and best known of his songs is that beginning "He that loves a rosy cheek.

He earned a degree of B. Sir Matthew made more than one effort to get his son another but in vain, and at the end of October describes him as "wandering idly about without employments," Lord Arundel and others having declined to take him into their service in consequence of his misconduct, which had been aggravated by "aspersions" spoken and written against Sir Dudley and Lady Carleton.

The king suspected nothing, and the queen heaped favours on the poet. It was long supposed that he died inand this has been thought to be confirmed by the fact that the 1st edition of his Poems, published inseems to have a posthumous character.

It is perhaps his greatest distinction that he is the earliest of the Cavalier song-writers by profession, of whom Rochester is the latest, poets who turned the disreputable incidents of an idle court-life into poetry which was often of the rarest delicacy and the purest melody and colour.

The poems to Celia treat the urgency of courtship, making much of the carpe diem theme. Others commend Celia through simile, conceit, and cliche. The physical pleasures of love are likewise celebrated: His elegy on John Donne has been praised as both a masterpiece of criticism and a remarkably perceptive analysis of the metaphysical qualities of Donne's literary work.

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English poet and playwright Ben Jonson is the subject of another piece of critical verse, "To Ben. Among Carew's occasional, public verse are his addresses to ladies of fashion, commendations of the nobility, and laments for the passing of friends or public figures, such as Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden.

Thomas carew

Hazlitt, published in quarto in They have not a single merit. In genius he is surpassed by Herrick only, and in age he is the first of that gallant band of cavalier song-writers of whom Rochester is the last.

The lyrists of the school of Carew preserved something of the brave Shakspearean tradition when the dramatists of the school of Shirley had completely lost it, and the transition from romanticism to classicism was more gently made in this order of writing than in any other.

It is the special glory of Carew that he formularised the practice of writing courtly amorous poetry.

Thomas carew

Strains very similar to his own had appeared in the works of older poets, as in The Forest of Ben Jonson and in the plays of Fletcherbut always casually; it was Carew who seized this floating improvisation, and made an art of it. As there were Anacreontic poets before Anacreon, so there were octosyllabic addresses to Julia or Celia before Carew; yet we grant to him the praise of the invention, since he gave his best work, and not, as others had done, his lightest to it.The castle in the late 13th and early 14th century was in the hands of Sir Nicholas de Carew, who constructed many of the stone buildings which surround the small, compact inner the east (right) side is the ruinous three-storey tower in the corner which may have been balanced by a similar tower on the north-east, removed by a later Tudor wing.

Thomas Carew (pronounced Carey) was born, possibly at West Wickham, Kent, in either or His father, lawyer Matthew Carew, moved the family to London about His father, lawyer Matthew Carew, moved the family to London about Thomas Carew was the son of a well-connected official and was educated at Merton College, Oxford and the Middle Temple in London.

He worked as a diplomatic secretary in Italy, Holland and France, and soon gained a reputation as a poet. Thomas' father, Sir Matthew Carew, was a lawyer and heir to Cornish gentry and was extremely concerned with appearances - particularly that of his youngest son at the royal court.


+ free ebooks online. Did you know that you can help us produce ebooks by proof-reading just one page a day? Go to: Distributed Proofreaders. Leonard CAREW (Sir) Born: Died: 4 Oct Notes: in the Inquisitions of Edward III, Writ to the escheator dated 27 Apr to take proof of age of Leonard Carew, son of John Carew, whose lands were in the custody of Phillippa, Queen of England.

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