Water is life

Our bucket filter systems remove waterborne bacteria through a three-stage filtration process: Submicron Filtration The outer ceramic layer removes particulate matter, bacteria and cysts very efficiently at. Sterilization Water passes through the colloidal silver within the ceramic layer, which sterilizes the water and eliminates the growth of bacteria. Granular Activated Carbon Water passes through the granular activated carbon, which absorbs chlorine, foul taste and odors, and organic chemicals.

Water is life

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Life in Water Life in Water Life is thought to have originated in an aquatic environment—the oceans. Living organisms have since adapted to numerous aquatic habitatsboth Sea nettles and jellyfish are pelagic and planktonic, meaning that they live in the water column and primarily float or drift as opposed to swimming.

They occupy environments as diverse as lakes, rivers, and oceans. Marine Environment About 17 percent of known biological species live in oceans. Marine species are described as either pelagic or benthic. Pelagic organisms live in the water column itself.

Benthic species live on the ocean bottom. Pelagic organisms include plankton, which float along with currents, and nekton, which are active swimmers. Plankton are divided into phytoplankton, which include photosynthesizing species such as algaeand zooplankton, which are consumer species. Zooplankton consist largely of copepods tiny crustaceans.

Water is life

Although plankton generally drift with ocean currents, some plankton have limited mobility. For example, certain zooplankton species move towards the water surface at night to feed, when there is less danger of predation, and return to deeper waters during the day.

Organisms that are planktonic throughout their life cycles are known as holoplankton. Organisms that are only planktonic during the early parts of their life cycles are called meroplankton. Meroplankton include the larval or juvenile forms of many species of fish and mollusks. These species use the planktonic stage to disperse to new areas.

Although most planktonic species are small, some are large, such as kelp and jellyfish. Nekton are active swimmers that use diverse means to propel themselves through the water. Some species swim using fins, tails, or flippers.

Water is life

Other species, such as mussels, move by shooting out jets of water, known as jet propulsion. Nektonic species include fish, octopus, sea turtles, whales, seals, penguins, and many others.

Many nektonic species eat high in the food chainalthough there are plankton-eating species e. Pelagic marine species may also be categorized according to the depths at which they occur.

Different water depths are characterized by differences in temperature, amount of sunlight received, and availability of nutrients.Water4Life is a water and environment international consulting firm drawing on the broad experience of highly skilled senior professionals.

Our staff and associates come from prominent domestic, regional, and international institutions with deep knowledge of the requirements of the public and private sectors. Water Of Life designs, manufactures and markets drinking water purifiers for disaster relief, military expeditions and rural villages.

Our technology is substantially more (1) effective, (2) portable and (3) energy efficient than other drinking water technologies. Water is not only a resource, it is a life source.

We all share the responsibility to ensure a healthy, secure and sustainable water supply for our communities, environment, and economy – our quality of life . Water For People is an international nonprofit working across 9 countries to bring safe water and sanitation to 4 million people. For us, it's not just about building wells, installing toilets, and setting up pumps, but about creating long-term, sustainable change.

Different Types of Life Jackets Different Life Jackets for Different Boating Activities Below is a brief description of each type of life jacket, their intended use and the buoyancy they provide.

A literal lifesaver. The SunSpring, founded by Jack Barker, Innovative Water Technologies, is the only solar water treatment system on the planet that is WQA Gold Seal Certified to the US EPA Standard for microbiological water purifiers.

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