What additional factors are encountered in international as compared with domestic financial managem

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What additional factors are encountered in international as compared with domestic financial managem

The economic and financial turbulence on global level have their own influence over the situation in Macedonia and are, of course, one of the key challenges which the Macedonian banks are coping with. In conditions of uncertainty, all the positions in the work are placed in frames which should respond to the risks which may be imposed to the banks.

In that regard, one should take into consideration the decreased economic activity, the worsened financial results of part of the business sector and the need of bigger liquidity.

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In fact, from a macro-economic aspect, it is clear that all financial subjects should follow the directions dictated by the economy and the financial situation in the country. The Macedonian economy is highly dependent on the occurrences in the Eurozone because it is our greatest trading partner.

Therefore, in the past several years, includingthe key exterior factor whose impact was reflected on the domestic economic situation was the global economic and financial crisis.

In the Q4 of there was a difficult recovery of the economic activity the annual growth rate of the GDP in the Eurozone was 0.

What additional factors are encountered in international as compared with domestic financial managem

This situation, as you know, continued in the first half of when the GDP growth rate in the Eurozone was 0. With regard to the inflation, there is an evident mild improvement, so the data for June show annual growth of 0.

However, the inflation rate is still the main objective of the ECB and the programme for quantitative facilitation continues and will be implemented by the ECB until the end of September The average annual inflation rate was maintained on the level of and it was The GDP growth rate has also not marked any significant changes, so in Q2 of it was 2.

This enabled monetary loosening by decreasing the basic interest rate of 3. The additional changes implemented into the monetary policy is stimulating the growth of loans and have provided support for the private sector in conditions of decrease foreign demand which influenced the limitation of the growth in the domestic economy.

The final product which we received was the increase of the assets at the level of the banking system by 8. In that line, Stopanska banka a.

Bitola marks a growth in the loan placement by 5. The capital and reserves are increased by Being a leader in the banking services for the population, what initiatives do you think contributed to your success?


Even in this period which was difficult for the global and domestic economic surroundings, Stopanska banka a. Bitola has successfully completed with This is three times more compared to the profits in This result owes to several factors.

First, in we had bigger net incomes from interest by In the same period, we increased the incomes of accumulated and written off interest receivables in accordance with the agreement for liabilities settlement with a value of 4 million EUR.

In the past year, the Bank invested all its funds and resources to improve the quality of the services it offers to its clients through analysis of their needs, and with the purpose of creating an offer of services and products pursuant to the specific needs of each client.

As a result of these efforts, in the Bank increased the number of clients, the scope of crediting and the works in the payment system.


All these initiatives, together with good expenditure management, have positively reflected on the net incomes of commissions and compensations which were increased by In this period the net incomes of rate-exchange differences mark an increase of The remaining incomes of the activities are doubled compared to the ones accomplished in This increase mainly owes to the profit made from the sale of part of the property.

This position includes the incomes of investments in shares of investment funds, as a more profitable alternative compared to the investment in long-term national securities out of which in the Bank has gained an amount of 1. The number of employees was increased as a result of the increased number of clients and the increased activity in The Bank expanded its network of branches and ATMs which cause increase of the expenses for employees by In the first semester for the trend of growth of the Bank continues, and so the expenses for the employees mark an increase of These factors might cause the expatriate to seek higher paid jobs in another company.

the organization faces a loss of knowledge and experience that the expatriate have gained during the international assignment period (Medich.

Jun 11,  · The financial results in this press release are preliminary. in Risk Factors and Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and .


What additional factors are encountered in international as compared with domestic financial management? Discuss each briefly. The Master of Business (Financial Management) is suitable for managers and middle managers seeking to further their career in a specialised field of business.

Theoretical and practical knowledge and skills are developed through the study of foundation, specialisation specific core subjects and electives.


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