Write an alternate ending to romeo and juliet

If I could create an alternate ending this is what it would be like: When Romeo was informed that Juliet had arrived, instead of going crazy, he went straight to the Friar.

Write an alternate ending to romeo and juliet

Over the years, Romeo and Juliet has remained one of the most popular and most studied literary works of all time. With this amount of popularity, hundreds, even thousands, have written alternate endings to the timeless classic. Shakespeare could have chosen many endings, but he chose the tragic one for Romeo and Juliet.

Times have changed, language has changed, and the world has changed since Romeo and Juliet was written, but one thing remains: William Shakespeare most likely had many reasons for ending the play in such a tragic way by killing both of the main characters.

One reason could have been that too many stories of his day were ending with the characters living happily ever after. Shakespeare might have just wanted his story to appear more realistic to the general population.

If two families were constantly fighting, as the Capulets and Montagues were, even in the technology-free age that this story was set in, the young, star-crossed lovers would not have found such easy ways to be together. There most likely would have been a little more predetermined hatred between the teenagers when they revealed their identities after they met.

The second reason that William Shakespeare might have used such a tragic ending could have been that he had the foresight to know that the story would not have been such a memorable classic if the lovers had simply lived happily ever after.

Almost everyone has heard of the tragedy that occurs in Romeo and Juliet. Most people of the modern era would not have read the story had there not been such a memorable ending. William Shakespeare was a genius who knew that he had to write something shocking, as in Romeo and Juliet, for it to be remembered and read for centuries to come.

He definitely accomplished his goal. Shakespeare showed pure wisdom in the fact that he knew that the double-suicide twist at the end would leave his current audience and future audiences breathless. The third thing that Shakespeare more than likely thought about when he chose such a tragic ending could have been to show what impatience will do to people.

Impatience is defined as restless eagerness to do something WNWD Romeo was absolutely too eager to move things along with Juliet. This is the day after they first meet in Act I, scene v. This is a little quick for anyone, of any time period, not just in modern times to leap into marriage.

Shakespeare might have been trying to convey the message that most of the time, acting in opposition of your parents does not end well for the kid, no matter how old. Outside forces tend to interfere with two people who want to be together.

This can often cause a lot of problems.In the play's final scene, Romeo finds Juliet's "dead" body and, rather than face life without her, swallows a vial of poison moments before Juliet wakes up.

When Juliet realizes her husband is dead, she tries to kill herself by kissing Romeo.

write an alternate ending to romeo and juliet

Since there's not enough poison left on his lips, she. Mar 06,  · Can you guys help me, DN has to write a page long alternate ending for Romeo and Juliet. Can you give him some ideas to build on, he's stumped and what better place to start than the DIS. Romeo and Juliet’s Happy Ending Simon Morrison Princeton University It took several years and much difficult revision before Romeo and Juliet became the greatest.

Apr 22,  · is this a good Alternate ending to Romeo and Juliet sorry if it is a little long but it is alot to cover =D (Romeo rushes into the Capulet Tomb and finds Paris.

He and Paris will fight and Paris Dies Then Romeo will find Juliet laying there in her grave..) Instead of Romeo weeping for 20 minutes then killing himself, he will arrive there a few Status: Resolved.

Romeo and Juliet – Creative writing (story/play- script) “Thursday morning you shall be married to the young and handsome Paris.” I shuddered just thinking about that pfmlures.coms: 2. My alternate ending of Romeo and Juliet. Romeo walked out of the building with the poison. After walking a while, he thought to himself, "Should I really kill myself over a woman that I have only known for 5 days?".

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